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Bags, sacks for handicraftsmen

Sacks, bags for nails, protectors of knees and many others.

Production of sacks, money belts, protectors of knees, etc. is an integral part of our manufacturing program.

Installation case

is determined for maintenance engineers requiring transparent arrangement of a lot of small tools, screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches. Installation cases are used especially in electrotechnics, cooling and repairs of home appliances. Rubber attachments, partition and pocket for set of wrenches make the internal equipment. A large pocket for documents is on the front side.

Carpenter bags and pockets for nails

.. and other connecting material, with one or two pockets stitched accurately for compliance with serviceability and suitability requirements. Quality leathers from Czech suppliers are used for production.

Knees protectors

are produced from very resistant face leather and they are padded not liquid-absorbing thermal insulating foam. Adjustable straps ensure an accurate fixation.

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