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Cases for music instruments

We produce so-called soft cases in the category of cases for music instruments.

The case is produced from waterproof polyester fabric. PUR foam is used as a soft filling, it is known also under the name MOLITAN, but also stiffer PE foam mass is used, which keep the shape better. Both kinds of filling serve not only as a protection against impacts and shocks, but they also fulfil a function of thermal protection of the instrument at low temperatures.

A next material restraining a motion is inserted between foam layers, it restrain bending and stiffs the shape. Internal surface is selectable, polyamide liner is the most common, but tricoteen or combed fabric can be used as well. Robust zips, straps, semi-rings and carabines assure reliability at high requirements for use.

Plastic small legs and profiles protect bottom part of cases. Optionally, we can deliver embroidery with customer's logo.

Examples of cases we produce:

  • Case for hunting-horn
  • Case for hunting-horn with removable baffle-board
  • Case for trumpet
  • Case for bugle
  • Case for 2 pieces - baroque clarina and small trumpet
  • Case for tuning wheels
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